HUB24 Super Fund API built by developers, for developers

Access HUB24 Super Fund's fund performance data via API.


Publicly available, accurate developer documentation for HUB24 Super Fund

Up to date, accurate, developer documentation available in our public developer portal for HUB24 Super Fund. No more doc's via PDF / email in unusable formats. OpenAPI & Swagger spec's also available.


SDK's available for HUB24 Super Fund API

We have SDK's / API Wrappers for a range of development environments, including: Ruby (Ruby on Rails), NodeJS, PHP, Python. Publicly available on Github. Swagger / Open API spec is available so you can quickly generate additional SDK's to suit your needs.


Generate your API keys for HUB24 Super Fund

There's no need to contact support, organise a meeting and discuss use cases before you even get access to developer docs & API keys. Generate your API keys in our dev portal and read our public docs. Start building today!


Start building today