The future of super is embedded, with SuperAPI

SuperAPI Team
  • Co-Founder, Chief Commercial Officer & Head of Compliance

    Ben is an experienced commercial product leader who specialises in the creation and go-to-market of hyper growth financial services products. Ben’s career has spanned roles in the banking industry, the founding (and expansion of) Xero’s Financial Services products, and leadership roles across various Australian and New Zealand scale-ups. He is uniquely positioned to provide a member-first vision for the future of the superannuation industry.

    Ben is highly vocal about enhancing Australian member’s returns by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of superannuation growth initiatives, through payday super reform, increasing access to advice, tackling greenwashing, increasing diversity of leadership, providing fund performance transparency and increasing member’s engagement in their super. Ben believes superannuation can simply be better and more transparent than it is now and hopes to transform the industry through SuperAPI and their software partners.

  • Founder, CEO, Product & Growth

    Riley built a reputation as a pragmatic technologist, who solved problems first and wrote code second. His desire to solve a meaningful problem for Australian consumers evenutally lead him to superannuation.

    The co-founder of the first embedded fantasy sports platform for Starcraft in 2011, Riley went on to drive forward Xero’s Australian App Ecosystem through API integration and strong partnerships.

    After creating in 2017 to help employees complete their super obligations, Riley found the lack of API’s to support building better experiences around super frustrating, and decide to change it. SuperAPI was formed to create better API’s for interacting with super, and to give hr & payroll software an easy way to embed super within their existing products.

    Employees & employers deserve the best tools to manage their super, which in many cases is an employee’s largest asset. SuperAPI is building those tools, and through the power of embedded finance, making them available where employees already go to manage the rest of their employment obligations, within HR & Payroll.

    As a strong advocate for access & transparency, Riley believes that a healthy development ecosystem within superannuation is critical for enabling the innovation that will drive better member outcomes for Australians to enjoy in retirement.

    He is excited about the potential of the payday super reforms and motivated to help the industry to prioritise transparency and better outcomes for members across the employment landscape.

  • Co-Founder & CTO

    Sam’s journey in technology started in 1999 as a developer at a digital marketing agency. Over the past few years, his career has been defined by key leadership roles. As a leader, he has built and scaled development teams with cultures that are focused on innovation, shared vision and a philosophy of “getting things done” quickly and efficiently.

    Sam attended the AngelCube incubator in the early 2010s with a startup that also existed in the embedded technology space. He is an active contributor to open-source projects and maintains his own open source software; a tool that assists with esports video coaching analysis.

    Sam’s vision is to build the SuperAPI platform to help modernise the link between superannuation software and other industries, starting with human resource software.